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    Personnel development is an important factor in the success of any organization. This is especially true at the modern stage when the acceleration of scientific and technological progress leads to rapid changes and requirements for professional knowledge, skills, and competencies.

    Professional development is the acquisition of new competencies, knowledge, skills, and competencies by the employee, which he/she uses or will use in his/her professional activities. The importance of professional development is evidenced by the fact that the majority of foreign enterprises allocate 10% of salary funds for this purpose.

    That indicator is even slightly higher at the Private Enterprise “Zakhidnyi Buh”. We have a clear understanding that investment in human capital is an investment aimed at improving the skills and abilities of personnel, it is the educational costs and the mobility of moving the workforce from low-productivity jobs to higher-productivity jobs. According to our view,
    capital investments in personnel promote the creation of a favorable climate in a collective, motivate the employee to improve, and increase his loyalty to the organization.

    The main areas of activity of the PE “Zakhidnyi Buh” in the field of professional development of employees are:

    • involvement of all employees of the company from top management to line personnel in the process of professional development on an ongoing basis;
    • determination and application of different types, forms, and methods of professional training of employees;
    • development and implementation of working training plans and programs for professional training of employees based on the needs of the company;
    • creation of appropriate material and technical base for training: equipped training premises, equipment, machinery, etc.
    • involvement of the best specialists of the company as teaching staff, as well as carriers of advanced knowledge and experience in the industry, including foreign ones, to conduct professional training of employees directly in the company and with offsite training;
    • stimulation of employees’ professional growth by means of a differentiated approach to remuneration depending on qualifications;
    • analysis of the results of certification and implementation of measures to improve the professional level of employees;
    • provision of opportunities for career growth provided that the employee achieves the appropriate level of qualification.

            The professional development in combination with the possibility of career growth on the basis of achievement of high qualification level allows for achieving the aims set for the company. In PE “Zakhidnyi Buh”, personnel training allows solving the main tasks both in the interests of the company — to increase efficiency and quality of labor, and in the interests of the person — to improve living standards, to create opportunities for the realization of their abilities.

    Social and Living Conditions


    The modern renovations have been made in the offices of PE “Zakhidnyi Buh”, they have ventilation, heating, the offices of the regional telephone and Internet connection. In the buildings of the offices installed fire and security alarm systems, video surveillance systems, and twenty-four-hour security. To ensure the company’s full-fledged work there is an infrastructure of offices, which provides all the necessary facilities for business meetings, trainings, and meetings.

    All employees’ offices contain practical and comfortable furniture. For effective work of our employees, we provide comfortable and convenient workplaces with personal computers or laptops and access to the local (office) computer network. All employees are supplied with service cell phones with SIM cards connected to the corporate mobile network. All executive personnel of our company uses company cars in their work.

    Employees who are involved in production are provided with branded protective clothing and personal protective equipment. All production units are equipped with changing rooms, washing rooms, and showers.

    Company Dormitories

    Seconded employees in other divisions of our company can live in comfortable dormitory rooms. The company dormitories have all the equipment necessary for comfortable living (washing machines, clothes dryers, hair dryers, bathrooms, refrigerators, etc.). The dorms are cleaned daily. They are supplied with hot and cold water twenty-four hours a day. The rooms are comfortable and clean. Modern facilities emphasize a refined atmosphere of relaxation after a working day.

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