Important for Shareholders

Frequently Asked Questions

To solve the issues, you should contact the division where the land plot is located:

  • By phone, to our specialists
  • In-person, on business days at the division
  • In-person, on business days, in the village where the land plot is located

All appeals, including telephone calls, please make on business days.
Contact information can be found in the Contacts section

PE “Zakhidnyi Buh” offers several types of rent payment:

  • In cash by a postal order or transfer to a card account
  • In-kind (by wheat grain or sugar) at market prices, which will add up at the time of issuance.

Rental payment in cash will be paid between July and September 2021 by mail order or transfer to a card account.

To receive rental payment in a grain of wheat or sugar, please follow the announcement in the village at the location of the land. Approximate period of payment of grain: September – October, sugar: April – June.

To receive rental payment in cash, you need to contact our specialists at the division and provide:

  • bank details for making a transfer to a card account
  • mailing address, to make a postal transfer

Please provide information about banking details and addresses only on business days in the division (in the village where the land plot is located) by phone or in person.

In order to sign a land lease agreement (extension of its validity term) it is necessary to apply to specialists at the subdivision at the location of the land plot on the reception days and have the following documents:

  • passport (ID card)
  • individual taxpayer identification number (ID code)
  • document for the land plot (state act, certificate of inheritance, court decision, etc.)

PE “Zakhidnyi Buh” makes the following additional payments to its shareholders:

Benefit for the funeral of a shareholder

To receive it you should contact specialists at the division and submit the following documents: the death certificate of a shareholder, a copy of the passport of the beneficiary, certificate from the village council.


Reimbursement of funds for re-registration of inheritance

The shareholders of the PE “Zakhidnyi Buh” are reimbursed for expenses incurred for the independent re-registration of inheritance of the land plots used by the company. To receive them, you should provide copies of supporting documents, for which expenses were made, and sign a lease agreement.


Remuneration for entering into a lease agreement (extension of its term)

At the conclusion of the lease agreement for land, shareholders can receive remuneration for their conclusion (extension). To do this, you should apply to the specialists in the division. The assistance is paid after the lease agreement is concluded and the state registration of the right is carried out.


Assistance in re-registration of inheritance

In the case of impossibility of re-registration of inheritance due to the legal obstacles including in connection with the omission of the terms of acceptance of probate specialists of PE “Zakhidnyi Buh” provide legal support in the re-registration of inheritance at the expense of the enterprise. To do this, apply to specialists at the subdivisions and provide the necessary documents (passport copy of the heir, identification code, death certificate, document of kinship, certificate of residence of the deceased and the heir at the time of death of the first, etc.).

PE “Zakhidnyi Buh” opened a Hotline to work with the appeals of its landlords – owners of land shares by phone: 0 800 750 324

This allows you to communicate the problematic issues that are raised in your appeals in a more convenient and accessible way and get a timely substantiated response from our specialists.

All appeals of landlords are accepted by the operator of the Hotline from 8 to 17 hours, 5 days a week (Monday to Friday).
Calls to 0 800 750 324 are free of charge

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