Distribution of Mzuri Pro-Til seed drills

A state-of-the-art solution that meets current and future challenges in the agricultural industry
Modern technologies – a step into the future!

Mzuri  Pro-Til – universal, precise and ecological machines.

The Mzuri Pro-Til complex was developed by English engineers to simultaneously perform 3 operations in one pass (loosening, fertilizing and sowing) without preliminary soil preparation (directly on the stubble).

Pro-Til technology combines the advantages of conventional (plough) and plowless tillage. The stubble and mulch that remains on the surface protects the soil from water and wind erosion. Fertilizers are applied directly to the root zone of the plant, which increases the availability of nutrients at the initial stages of their development.

Since 2021, PE “Zachidonyi Buh” is the official dealer of Mzuri units in the Western region. We sell aggregates for farms in Khmelnytskyi, Ternopil, Lviv, Rivne, Volyn, Ivano-Frankivsk and Transcarpathian regions.

The technology has been tested on our own experience. During 2020-2021, the Mzuri complex planted more than 11,000 hectares of winter rapeseed, wheat, barley, and corn on its own fields.

In 2021, experimental plots of winter rape, barley and wheat were laid in 26 farms of Western Ukraine.

Mzuri Pro-Til is a benefit for you and a benefit for the environment
Economy and profit

Time is money! Even 10-15 minutes is enough for the Mzuri Pro-Til unit to cultivate the soil, apply fertilizers and sow seeds on an area of 1 hectare during one pass, without carrying out any work after harvesting the previous crop. Such a short working time makes it possible to avoid the need for simultaneous execution of separate agrotechnical works and to reduce costs.

Saving working time – 2-4 times faster than traditionally!

Less means more!

The Mzuri Pro-Til technology allows you to: observe optimal sowing times, accurately placing seeds in moistened and aerated soil, apply the appropriate amount of nutrients, reduce the rate of sowing, ensure friendly seedlings and uniform placement of plants. Thinned sowing does not necessarily mean a small number of plants, the secret lies in favorable conditions for seed germination and the friendliness of crop seedlings. Save seeds without worrying about the number of plants!

Fuel worth its weight in gold!

The processing of only narrow strips of soil (no more than 1/3 of the field width), low resistance with a deep loosener, as well as a short working time, leads to low fuel consumption. Only Mzuri units can process, apply fertilizers, sow and not consume more fuel than 10-15 l/ha.

2-4 times less fuel compared to plowing!

The harvest is high and of high quality

Timely, friendly and uniform seedlings, optimal nutrition of plants, wider distance between rows, which limits the development of pathogens, good lighting of plants in rows, soil that retains moisture – these are the advantages of Mzuri Pro-Til technology, which guarantee high yield and quality. Stubble left on the surface of the soil and small furrows in which plants grow contribute to better winter hardiness.

High yield and quality!

More means less!

The design of loosening paws and sowing coulters allows simultaneous application of basic mineral fertilizers and microgranules during one pass. Pre-sowing fertilizers, as a rule, NPK, fall only into the loosened soil, in which the root system of plants will germinate. Another fertilizer, microgranules, is introduced around the sown seeds so that the plants have access to macro- and microelements from the moment of germination. The dose of fertilizers for more fertile soils can be reduced even by 20-30%.


Mzuri is profit!

Mzuri Pro-Til is a cost savings for fuel, manpower, fertilizers, machines and their repair and maintenance costs. Effective use of fertilizers and soil resources, and, as a result, high yield and quality is a guarantee of quick sale of agricultural products and high income. Small expenses and high stairs mean profit!

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