Agronomic Support of Agricultural Enterprises

  • Planning of optimal crop rotation and formation of technological maps of cultivation of agricultural crops
  • Selection of optimally zoned varieties and hybrids. Recommendations for processing seeds
  • Optimizing the plant nutrition system
  • Planning of a justified economically effective system of herbicidal and fungicidal protection
  • Recommendations for optimizing tillage
  • Support in the selection of products, current analysis of the PPE market, min. fertilizers, tillage units
  • Regular field scouting Recommendations for planning agrochemical soil survey, foliar diagnostics, seed analysis, physical properties of the soil, quality of water for spraying. Assessment and recommendations based on research results Information support on precision farming systems


  • 4 years in the market of agricultural consulting services
  • 10 years of practical experience in growing agricultural crops on an area of ​​more than 65,000 hectares
  • Target crops: sugar beet, cereals, corn, soybeans, winter rape… Contacts with leading specialists of Ukraine, Germany, Poland, USA
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