“Zakhidnyi Buh” Training of Roman Kushnir for managers to work with shareholders of PE “Zakhidnyi Buh” on: “Communication with clients: how to successfully negotiate and achieve the goals of the company?”

A successful person and a productive employee is one who is constantly developing, learning new things, and improving his or her knowledge. This principle guides our company PE “Zakhidnyi Buh”, we conduct trainings on topical issues for employees on a regular basis.

Therefore, on July 7-8, a group of executives and shareholder managers was trained in the key stages of the art of communication:

✅ communication skills;

✅ negotiating and persuasive skills;

✅ energy and enthusiasm;

✅ effectiveness.

Impressions of the training exceeded all expectations! The trainer proved to be a very good communicator: he had a great touch with the trainees, providing them with opportunities to share their thoughts and ask questions.

As a result of the training, the employees gained new knowledge, practical experience and positive emotions.

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