Why do you need to do leaf diagnostics? 🌱

Analysis of plant material is a good way to confirm that your feeding plan is working.

Plant analysis can be used:

✅ to check the effectiveness of new drugs and the timeliness of their introduction;
✅ for adjusting technological maps for the following years;
✅ to confirm visible deficiency symptoms.

Nutrient deficiency symptoms must be confirmed by plant analysis, as determining the existing deficiency by visual signs can be erroneous and lead to additional costs.

To establish the exact problems in plant nutrition, it is necessary to apply a comprehensive approach, namely, together with plant diagnostics, it is desirable to use the results of agrochemical analysis of the soil.

☝🏻Remember that even in the absence of visible symptoms of signs of starvation, plants can experience nutrient deficiency, and ignoring diagnostics and untimely nutrition in key phases can lead to a 10-15% yield loss and overspending of resources.
At the moment, the vegetation of winter crops is being restored, so you should not miss effective and appropriate fertilizing with trace elements.

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