Why do you need to analyze plant material🌱❓

Chemical analysis of plant tissue is carried out to adjust the nutrition of agricultural crops. It helps in the early stages of plant development to detect and eliminate the deficiency of macro- and microelements (nutrients) without yield loss.

🌾For wheat, the “seedling” and “tillering” phases of the plant’s development are extremely important for the plant’s formation of its future harvest. If there are visible signs of a lack of nutrients (retarded growth, the appearance of yellow-green color, brown spots on the leaves), it is worth conducting an analysis of the plant material in the laboratory.

The development phase of “tillering” is of particular importance for winter wheat, because during this period all parts of the adult plant are formed in the node of the bushing, including the ear of the ear. Deficiency of nutrients in winter wheat during this period can lead to the formation of an underdeveloped ear, which leads to crop losses.

☝🏻After conducting an agrochemical analysis of the plant material, we will obtain the value of the concentration of the main nutrient elements necessary for plant development, establish which of them is in deficit (in case of external signs) and be able to adjust the level of supply of plant nutrients to achieve the planned yield.

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