What indicators should be paid attention to in soybean seeds❓

From mid-September to the first half of October, the western regions of Ukraine suffered from heavy rains with gusty winds and cool weather.

🌧️ Such weather conditions contributed to the development of bacteriosis and Fusarium on soybean seeds. A characteristic feature of seed bacteriosis is its swelling and slimy surface after keeping in a humid chamber. Severely affected seeds, as a rule, do not germinate, but rot. With minor damage, it gives seedlings, which often rot.
Soybean fusarium manifests itself as seed decay during germination, root rot, cotyledon necrosis, death of the growth point, wilting of plants, leaf spot, rotting of stems and beans.

In order to prevent the loss of plants in the field, and as a result, sparse crops and lack of yield, check the seeds you plan to sow in laboratories.

Soybean seed material, which we use for our own purposes and also sell, is controlled in accredited laboratories to confirm the compliance of sowing indicators.

This year our portfolio includes the following soybean varieties:

🌱Abelina (Austria, Saatbau-Probstdorfer, 2300 CHU);
🌱Yakari (Germany, Saaten Union, 2400 CHU);
🌱Acardia (Austria, Saatbau-Probstdorfer, 2450 CHU);
🌱Mentor (France, Lidea, 2600 CHU).

You can order soybean seeds by contacting⬇️⬇️⬇️

📲 +38 (050) 338-43-58 – Christina
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