Successful overwintering is one of the important factors in growing winter crops🌾

❄️ Frostbite, washout, ice crust and strong gusty frosty winds greatly reduce the productivity of crops.

☝🏻That is why it is important to minimize the impact of these factors, which allows the Mzuri Pro-til technology to do.
Mulch and harvest residues of the predecessor protect the crops from the impact of stormy frosty winds, thereby reducing the erosive impact on the fields.

The formation of “bumps” during sowing allows you to protect plants from extremely low temperatures.
As a result, the risk of their freezing is reduced in the future, thanks to additional protection and accumulation of snow in the row. Snow in the row accumulates additional moisture, which plants can effectively use during the restoration of vegetation in the spring.

✅ The use of Mzuri Pro-til technology protects plants from weather “surprises” during overwintering👌🏻


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