Counterfeit in the agriculture❗️

To date, the problem of falsification and low-quality fertilizer products has grown in the field of agriculture.
Basically, this is due to the lack of declared power cells.

Thus, in 2022, the agrochemical laboratory of PP “Zachidnyi Bug” carried out about 1,000 tests on fertilizers: mineral, organic fertilizers, meliorateants, KAS… and approximately 22% of the samples did not meet the declared quality characteristics. And this trend is growing every year.

☝🏻In order to protect yourself from low-quality products in the new year, the agrochemical laboratory of PЕ “Zachidnyi Bug” provides services for checking the quality of fertilizers in laboratory conditions.

The main indicators to pay attention to are:

✅ for liquid supplements: density, active substance content;

✅ for hard breaks: moisture, granulometric composition, active substance content and pH.

Order the service ⬇️

📲 +380 50 479 2817 – Anastasia

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