Sharing experiences is always mutual enrichment and a way to improve!

Managers of the agribusiness solutions sales department of “Zakhidnyi Buh” PE held a meeting with the “NAT” company, which is a dealer of Mzuri units in the southern region of Ukraine.

We had the opportunity to share the experience of the technology in our regions, discuss the specifics and the results obtained.
“NAT” company presented the first modified Mzuri 4TX unit in Ukraine. The unit has new options that allow the most efficient use of agricultural resources and perfect sowing, namely:

✅ a system for applying liquid complex and organic fertilizers;
✅ divided bunker into four sections with a total volume of 5,600 liters;
✅ the possibility of introducing microgranules and rodenticides.

We thank our colleagues for a productive meeting, and we invite our customers to see the advantages of technology in their own fields 🤗

Order sowing with the Mzuri Pro-til unit ⬇️

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