Quality seeds – for a generous harvest!

The quality of seed material plays a fundamental role in the formation of yield. During the collection of seed material for spring wheat and soybeans of the 2022 harvest, difficult weather conditions developed due to excessive precipitation. This led to the stagnation of seeds in the field and, as a result, to the deterioration of seed quality.

To be sure that your seeds are suitable for sowing and to correctly calculate the sowing rate, you need to understand the purity, germination and weight of 1000 seeds of the seed material. These indicators can be determined in our agricultural laboratory 🤗

☝🏻If you need seeds for variety renewal or your seeds have poor sowing performance (low germination and high disease load, in particular fusarium and bacteriosis), then you can buy them from us.

✅ We offer for sale seeds:

🌾 spring wheat Tybalt (Germany, Saaten Union);
☘️ Abelin soybean seeds (Austria, Saatbau-Probstdorfer, 2300 CHU);
☘️ Yakari soybean seeds (Germany, Saaten Union, 2400 CHU);
☘️ Acardia soybean seeds (Austria, Saatbau-Probstdorfer, 2450 CHU);

☝🏻You can order seeds by phone number⬇️

📲 +38 (050) 338-43-58 – Khrystyna
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