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Traditionally, in most farms, equipment repair is carried out in-house and in the period that precedes the execution of the technological operation (that is, for tomorrow). Employees of the farm, who work on it, are involved in its participation, and they carry out repair work in “fire mode” at their own discretion.

In the process of development of the machine-tractor fleet of farm equipment, components appear that require specialized maintenance and diagnostics by experienced specialists.
Modern equipment on board has navigation and control systems, the maintenance of which requires experience and certain equipment to carry them out.

🔩⚙️Delivery times for spare parts may be extended due to current circumstances.
Solving these issues requires a certain competence of service personnel and proper conditions for its repair.
Our technical team is ready to help you with the operation of your equipment park.

👨🏻‍🔧Our company’s service specialists have many years of experience with equipment, which has more than 20,000 operating hours. This makes it possible to predict and make the right decision when repairing this or that node.

☝🏻By applying for technical service, you receive qualified service and instructions with the help of which the equipment will work reliably and efficiently👌🏻

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