Collaboration with Communities

For a long time, the private enterprise “Zahidnyi Buh” has been actively cooperating with village, settlement and city councils, on the territory of which it conducts its business activities in terms of providing sponsorship assistance to improve the social infrastructure of settlements, purchasing gifts for children for St. Nicholas Day, helping church communities. Assistance is provided at the rate of UAH 75. for one hectare of cultivated land. In winter, snow removal on the roads of populated areas is carried out free of charge outside the limits set for sponsorship. The table below shows data on the amount of sponsorship provided by village, settlement and city councils for 2014-2018.

In addition, the company annually invests in the construction of field roads to minimize the movement of agricultural machinery and heavy-duty vehicles through populated areas. In 2017, UAH 5,500,000 was allocated. For 2018, the company allocated UAH 9,000,000 for this purpose.

The company also helps military formations participating in anti-terrorist operations in Eastern Ukraine. Since the beginning of the operation, more than 4,000 liters of diesel fuel and gasoline have already been allocated, ten radio stations worth UAH 50,000 were purchased and handed over, assistance was provided to the Lviv border detachment in the repair of military equipment worth UAH 22,100, and two VAZ 2121 passenger cars were handed over. Niva” and a Mitsubishi Pajero Sport passenger car, as well as a MAZ truck. To provide primary medical aid to wounded combatants to the First Voluntary Mobile Hospital named after 100,000 hryvnias were allocated by M.Pyrogova’s company. Assistance in the amount of UAH 797,600 was provided to improve the material base of the Military Medical Clinical Center of the Western Region, where combatants undergo treatment and rehabilitation.

Frequently Asked Questions

To receive rent in cash, by transfer to a card account or post office, it is necessary to contact the unit of the enterprise to the manager of work with shareholders and write an appropriate application for receiving funds.

PE “Zakhidnyi Buh” offers several types of rent payment:

  • In cash by a postal order or transfer to a card account
  • In-kind (by wheat grain or sugar) at market prices, which will add up at the time of issuance.

PE “Zakhidnyi Buh” starts paying rent to shareholders in cash from the second quarter (April) of the current year, by transfer to a card account or to the post office specified by the lessor.

Payment is made on a first-come, first-served basis as applications are received.

PE “Zakhidnyi Buh” opened a Hotline to work with the appeals of its landlords – owners of land shares by phone: 0 800 750 324

This allows you to communicate the problematic issues that are raised in your appeals in a more convenient and accessible way and get a timely substantiated response from our specialists.

All appeals of landlords are accepted by the operator of the Hotline from 8 to 17 hours, 5 days a week (Monday to Friday).
Calls to 0 800 750 324 are free of charge

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