Mzuri Pro-Till – care of the future 🤗

Soil is an environment in which there are millions of organisms that participate in all biochemical processes🌾🌱

Intensive farming leads to the destruction of the entire biological microflora in the soil, which reduces its natural fertility, and subsequently makes its use impossible🙅🏼

Therefore, more and more often, the owners of agricultural enterprises are resorting to conservation tillage technologies.
☝🏻Mzuri Pro-till technology belongs to such. Thanks to the cultivation of only 30% of the soil surface, interference with the internal environment is minimized and the entire microflora works as it was laid by nature👌🏻

The work of internal soil microflora gives us:

✅ Increasing humus content;
✅ Increase in the number of earthworms;
✅ Increase in bacteria and fungi.

All these factors lead to the improvement of physical and biological indicators, and also have a positive effect on the yield of agricultural crops🌱🌾🌽


With the Mzuri Pro-till technology, we go into the future and pass on fertile land to our descendants🤗

And what will you convey❓
The choice is yours❗️

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