It’s nice to see when your work pays off 👏🏻

🌾The demo tour of rapeseed sowing has ended and we have conducted the first inspections of our crops (Volyn region, Horokhiv district). In the photo, rapeseed was distributed on August 20, 2022

As of 09/07/2022, we are observing the uniform development of rapeseed, the plants are forming a second pair of real leaves.
Autumn has already arrived, which means that we are waiting for the period of harvesting spring crops and sowing winter grains for the 2023 harvest.

💸 We received additional earnings of $100/ha using the Mzuri Pro-til technology. during 3 years of experience, we confirm these results on our way and recommend you to try.

🤗 Then hurry up to sign up for sowing winter grain wheat and barley using the Mzuri Pro-til unit!

📲 380503774762 – Pavlo

PE “Zakhidnyi Buh” is the official dealer of the Mzuri company in the Western region of Ukraine.

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