How to rationally use organic fertilizer in agriculture❓

During the difficult period of the war on the territory of Ukraine, the cost of products and services increased several times, this also applies to the cost of purchasing mineral fertilizers. Agro producers are looking for other ways to provide plants with nutrients. Therefore, they are faced with the question of an alternative. By alternative, we can understand different types of organic fertilizers.

☝🏻Organic fertilizers have an unstable composition and concentration, which is due to the peculiarities of the input materials. The list of indicators that must be analyzed depends on the type of fertilizers and their further use.

🤔For example, for use as a fertilizer, feces are analyzed for eight pH indicators, organic matter content, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, neutralizing capacity. Chicken manure or compost: pH, ash content, organic matter, nitrogen (total, ammonium), phosphorus, potassium, C/N ratio.

Among the new indicators, our laboratory offers the determination of humic acids.

Why is this needed?

Humic acids increase the cation exchange capacity, improve the agronomic value of the soil structure, its water-air regime, thermal properties, soil buffering. Humic acids act as conductors of nutrients.

🤗We will help you understand how to use organic fertilizers as efficiently as possible. To do this, you need to send a sample of fertilizer to our agrochemical laboratory for further analysis. You will receive confirmation of the qualitative and quantitative composition of this fertilizer and will have the opportunity to calculate its exact application rate under the planned yield🌾🌱🌽👌🏻

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