Each agricultural crop needs certain growing conditions to maximize its yield potential🌾

For crops with a tap root system (for example: rapeseed, soybeans, sugar beets), special attention is paid to tillage. Usually, these crops are tilled to a depth of 25-30 cm for good root development.

✅ Mzuri Pro-til technology carries out strip cultivation of the soil to a depth of 25-28 cm, which allows you to create optimal conditions for the development of plants throughout the growing season.
✅ This technology also provides local application of mineral fertilizers directly to the root zone of the plant, which allows you to easily obtain all the necessary nutrients.

🖼️ In the photo, you can see rape sown using the Mzuri Pro-Til technology. Plant development meets the expectations of even the most demanding agronomists.

We offer you to try the Mzuri Pro-Til technology on your fields 🤗

You can buy a unit or order sowing by phone:

📲 +380503774762 – Pavel

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